Bedroom Makeover

Custom bedroom feature wall with lighting and decorative elements by Kilnwood Property Maintenance


We’re thrilled to share a fantastic bedroom makeover we completed! This project showcases our carpentry and decorating skills, transforming a plain bedroom into a stylish and cosy retreat.

A homeowner wanted to breathe new life into their bedroom, seeking a design that was both modern and functional. After discussing their ideas, we set out to create a space that matched their vision perfectly.

Solution Provided

Our talented team got to work, using top-notch carpentry to build a stunning feature wall. We added vertical slats that give the room a sleek, contemporary look. The feature wall also includes integrated shelving, perfect for displaying personal items and keeping the space organised.

We didn’t stop at carpentry. Our decorating skills came into play with carefully selected paint colours and finishes that complement the room’s design. We installed stylish lighting fixtures that add a warm, inviting glow, and incorporated greenery to bring a touch of nature indoors.

The result is a beautiful, functional bedroom that combines style and comfort. The feature wall serves as a focal point, while the overall decor creates a relaxing atmosphere perfect for unwinding.

Want to Transform Your Bedroom?

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